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INtex Inventory - Professional cloud and server software

INtex Inventory

INtex inventory is the software for cataloging and evaluating your company inventory, whether it is vehicles, office furniture, machines, software licenses or other office materials and workshop equipment. In addition, the software provides an overview of operating instructions, warranty periods, sellers and also the rental of items. Keep your valuables in words and pictures so that in the event of a break-in or natural disaster such as a storm, flood or earthquake, the damage incurred is replaced by the business content insurance, because you can document the value and composition of your inventory without gaps.

The software is also suitable for warehouse management, ingredient management, management of collections, exhibits and museum holdings.

You can rent the software in the CLOUD or buy it for your SERVER. Use smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop computers with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows or Linux as the operating system.

Appealing look, convincing features

Overview of screens

Inventory data belongs in the cloud

In the data center, the insurance-relevant data is always kept safe

Inventory data in particular, which should serve as proof of value to the insurance company in the event of an incident, should be part of the cloud. If your company or your house has been hit by earthquakes, lightning, fire, storms and floods or avalanches or burglars have taken everything with you, vandals have destroyed everything, who guarantees that the proof of value stored on your computer will not be lost? The storage of this data in the cloud, on the other hand, is completely independent of your real estate and is therefore still secure even if your valuables are lost. Conversely, you can still save a local copy of your data at any time via export.

Convincing unique selling points


Keine Einschränkungen

No restrictions

INtex inventory does not restrict you in any way, neither in the number of items to be inventoried, nor in the number of locations, storage locations, categories and additional information. Web and multimedia integration are a matter of course for modern software such as INtex inventory. 



Digital filing

Archive your purchase receipts, operating instructions, guarantee certificates, regardless of whether you have already received them digitally as a PDF file or have yourself scanned them into an image file, digitally and securely in INtex inventory. All documents can be transferred to the database using drag & drop. If required, receipts can be exported at any time.



Guarantee and insurance

INtex Inventory manages the guarantee conditions for your equipment as well as all insurance data. An integrated follow-up ensures that important appointments are not forgotten. Thanks to linked address management, the data of guarantors and insurers is always ready when a guarantee or insurance event arises.


Absolute flexibility

INtex inventory adapts to your needs. Freely definable fields for the details, lists of values for the simplified entry of storage locations, categories for the sorting of objects - everything can be changed in the program.



Account assignment and depreciation

If necessary, INtex Inventory assigns each inventory item to a booking account from, for example, the standard account framework SKR03 or SKR04, assigns a cost center to the items and allows you to specify the depreciation period.




With INtex Inventory you enter EAN, ISBN, ISSN and other numbers that are based on barcodes. The program can automatically generate barcodes for EAN and ISBN. Additional barcode systems can be imported as an image.



Data analysis

The data can be evaluated in a variety of ways. Search functions, table views, reports, statistics screens and a number of diagrams can be found in dashboards.



Rental management

INtex Inventory monitors the loan of inventory items to people, customers, employees or departments. Record who used or lent which item,


Diverse areas of application

INtex Inventory - Flexible enough for all kinds of inventory data

Professional document management

Efficient and professional document management is already integrated in the INtex software. You can choose at any time whether the digital documents, images and files are actually physically stored in the database or linked as a link / URL to a data record in the database. The link has the decisive advantage that the data can still be processed immediately. An Excel table, for example, can be edited directly with Excel if it is on OneDrive. If it were stored in the database, it would first have to be exported and then imported back into the database after the change. It also makes it easier to share documents on online hard drives, and there is almost unlimited storage available. At the same time, the document data record with the URL link in the database enables the search, sorting and linkage of the documents, for example with the addresses, in order to e.g. to build a history. The INtex software is compatible with all common online hard drives that allow links, such as Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive. Links via file: // to local databases are also possible.

Responsive interface

The software INtex Inventory automatically adapts its appearance to the size and orientation of the device used. Therefore, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and large screens without restricting functionality.



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