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INtex Contact - Professional address-management software

INtex Contact

INtex Contact is the software for address management and correspondence processing (CRM) including automatic electronic filing as a history. Project organization, resubmission, appointment management, notes and task recording cover all areas of a company's customer management.

Associations, foundations, clubs and parties can also use the address management to manage friends, sponsors and members.

You can rent the software in the CLOUD or buy it for your SERVER. Use smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop computers with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows or Linux as the operating system.


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CRM andOrganizer

INtex Adresses not only manages your addresses, but also controls all office activities: there are organizer features such as calendar, appointments, follow-up, tasks and a correspondence module including text modules and template texts. Notes and document management complete the feature set



Serial letters and mails

With INtex addresses you not only take care of business correspondence, you can also prepare serial letters and mails. Via the professional search function, categorization and tagging of the addresses, a mailing list is quickly set up and a targeted circular or a digital newsletter is created.




Addresses of employees, suppliers and customers, correspondence, emails, faxes and telephone protocols, but also tasks, notes and external documents can be combined into projects in INtex addresses. This means that you always have an overview, even with more complex processes, and can put all activities into a larger context.




INtex addresses links addresses with the modules correspondence, projects, tasks, notes and documents. If desired, this creates a complete history of all documents and events that may be related to an address, a company or a person.


Professional document management

Efficient and professional document management is already integrated in the INtex software. You can choose at any time whether the digital documents, images and files are actually physically stored in the database or linked as a link / URL to a data record in the database. The link has the decisive advantage that the data can still be processed immediately. An Excel table, for example, can be edited directly with Excel if it is on OneDrive. If it were stored in the database, it would first have to be exported and then imported back into the database after the change. It also makes it easier to share documents on online hard drives, and there is almost unlimited storage available. At the same time, the document data record with the URL link in the database enables the search, sorting and linkage of the documents, for example with the addresses, in order to e.g. to build a history. The INtex software is compatible with all common online hard drives that allow links, such as Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive. Links via file: // to local databases are also possible.

Responsive interface

The software INtex Contact automatically adapts its appearance to the size and orientation of the device used. Therefore, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and large screens without restricting functionality.



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