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INtex Publishing: Consulting and software for team work in the home office

We support teamwork with our cloud and server products - especially in the home office and across distributed locations. And this is becoming more and more important: Young employees increasingly expect to be able to work from home. Home office relieves public transport as well as the streets and is therefore good for the environment. Crises like Corona show how important an alternative to office work can be so that operations can continue. And thanks to the internet and the cloud, home office is now feasible - we provide you with the tools and show you how to enable home office.


We sell software, not data

We have been selling software for over 20 years. During this time the computers have changed, the operating systems have changed, the development tools have been further developed and the sales forms for computer programs have been adapted to different trends. We still think it is best if customers can test our programs via a demo and then buy or rent them for a specified period of use.

Other models such as freeware (further development and support questionable), freemium with in-app purchases (unclear costs, especially for games), subscriptions (contractual obligations with often difficult termination options) do not seem to us to be a sensible alternative. We certainly don't want to go the way of offering the software itself free of charge, but instead earning our money through your data and its use.

Your data is in good hands with us. We always treat it confidentially - for example when we get knowledge from support - and the data stays where it is. We exclude any transfer by us to third parties. And we won't make any other profit from your data either.

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